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With the advent of the smartphone era, out of the many other apps, WhatsApp has become a part and parcel of every other person’s life. Not only teens but a person of every age group is actively using WhatsApp for every tiny errand. “WhatsApp Me” is the new motto of every generation. We are here to discuss WhatsApp messenger for window, android, iPhone and Blackberry phones. So let’s begin with some common features. Here you can download the WhatsApp latest version for your phone from the link provided below.

What’s New in WhatsApp Latest Apk

• You can once again set a text-only update in your profile and it’s called About. Tap Settings and then your profile name to edit it. Thanks for the feedback!
• Search for the perfect animated GIF right from within WhatsApp. Tap the emoji button in a chat and then tap GIF at the bottom of the emoji panel to get started.
• WhatsApp Status: Post photos, videos, and GIFs to your status and share with your contacts what’s going on throughout your day. Status updates from your contacts appear in the Status tab, and they’ll disappear after 24 hours. Long press on a contact’s name in the Status tab to mute their updates.
• Quickly access the camera by swiping right from the Chats tab.
• Turn on two-step verification in Settings > Account to require a passcode when registering your phone number with WhatsApp.

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Download Whatsapp Latest APK for Android

Excellent featutres of WhatsApp:


WHATSAPP has recently added this great feature. This is the best update from Whatsapp till now. now you can do face to face video calling with your friends and family all around. If you stay away from your home and friends then this feature is really a boon for you. Now stay connected with your love ones all time. 


Now you will not have to for finish downloading of video. This feature lets you to watch video before they download. This is available on Android Beta version.



Get ready for some real time texting with WhatsApp, as you can send and receive unlimited texts without any limitations in regards of money or time. Now that is something alluring for people like me who are very fond of chatting. A double tick below your text signifies that your text has been delivered to the other person, there is no system like delivery reports as seen in conventional texting system of mobile phones, all you need is a Wi-Fi network or mobile data for your phone to get started with WhatsApp.

If you are not expressive enough with your words WhatsApp offers you a number of emoticons by which you can express any expressions, be it a simple smiley face or a depressed one, a pair of scissors, pen, needle, noodles, French fries, Santa, gifts, flowers, animals, houses and even flags of so many nations. You can find so many emoticons that sometimes you can go hours without using a single word and chatting by just use of emoticons. So texting is no more just texting, it is fun when done with WhatsApp.

If you are willing to send a single message to all your contacts then you don’t have to go through each contact and send them texts separately because there’s an option called BROADCAST MESSAGE by which you can send a text to every contact of your phone with in a fraction of seconds, now this is pretty fast!!


It is a privacy invader for many people but for me it’s one of the finest offering an app can give you. With WhatsApp you can check the time of any of your contact in which he or she was last online on WhatsApp, now this last seen can bring tsunamis in people’s lives. If you know what I mean! Anyway, WhatsApp came with another option for private people as they can hide their “last seen” from the people who are not in their contact list or even hide from everybody to make sure that no body is keeping an eye on their last seen, but yes if you are hiding your last seen from others then you are also not able to see anyone’s last seen, now this seems to be a fair feature on both the sides.


You are able to send images, videos, contacts, voice notes and even your locations. Out of these my personal favouite is images. I can send any image within a fraction of time. For instance if I am shopping alone and I want a perfect opinion I immediately send images to my best friend to seek her opinion and buy it immediately, now this is not the only requirement but I am sure you can relate to what I am talking about. You can share voice notes, just long press the recording button given on the WhatsApp screen and send your voice note. Even contact numbers can be shared like traditional business cards, you can send small videos and also locations through this, so it seems that it is one in all packages where every little thing are also taken care of.


Sometimes it’s good to have a conversation with one friend but if you are offered a group chat where everyone can talk to everyone it serves as an icing on the cake. Group chat is a great medium to talk to many people at a time and take jibes at one person and in my case it’s me. WhatsApp offers you the option to form groups on it where you can connect with all group members at a time.

However sometimes the notifications of the group are quite annoying, whenever you switch on to WhatsApp it is flooded with the conversation of other group members, in this case you can simply mute the conversation by which you’ll not receive any notification of that group until you unmute it again, relieving right!!


You can always change the wallpaper of your WhatsApp conversation screen, the way you want it so that you can’t get bored with the same screen. Now this is something creative as you can put any wallpaper you want nobody’s there to comment or like because it’s visible only to you for your fun and interest.



The images, videos, voice notes, contacts, etc. you receive in your WhatsApp will be automatically saved in your phone; you don’t need to put an extra effort to save the files you received in your WhatsApp. Now this is a good feature for lazybones like me, WhatsApp is there for you.


profile setting

The most popular feature on WhatsApp is here, now it’s not just like Facebook where you can flaunt your images and thoughts, WhatsApp is too an alluring app where you can put your profile pictures change them no matter how many time you want to change though you won’t be getting any likes here but it will serve as your contact icon. The best part is, it’s completely up to you whom you want to show your profile pictures whether your contacts or everyone or nobody, so your privacy is completely on your own hands, that’s a great part of WhatsApp. These things of trivial importance which we neglect in our day to day life, WhatsApp has not neglected them and has  taken full care of these small things also, kudos to that.


Now coming to the WhatsApp status, you can share with your WhatsApp contacts what are you feeling. You can write anything you want to share with your friends be it any song lyrics you like, any thought you want to share. Even the emoticons offered by WhatsApp can work for you, and it will be shown to your friends, though it’s not compulsory to put a status, there are some status which is already present in your WhatsApp as default and mind you these are really helpful and very practical like available, busy, at work, at gym, battery is about to die.

The default WhatsApp status “Hey there! I am using WhatsApp” is the most common status, if you are not sporty enough to change your status every day this status is always there for you, personally this has been my status for more than a year and I am perfectly okay with it.


Now some of you must be concerned that everybody who has your contact no. Will be able to text you up on WhatsApp, as a matter of fact, they can but don’t worry you’ve got an option to block all the unwanted contact you don’t want in your WhatsApp, so don’t worry it’s completely on your side when it comes to your privacy.

These are some basic WhatsApp features which are common to all the smartphones, however, there is a slight difference in WhatsApp in different phones, like in iPhone, the WhatsApp features are almost similar to that of an android, however, there are little differences like in a chat overview.

The major difference lays in the visible elements of chat. The iOS version offers much more exciting colors, and all the options such as contact, settings are visible in the lower portion of the screen. When comes to Android it is hidden in an action bar.

Contact selection:

In iOS WhatsApp contacts are grouped alphabetically where you can directly go to the particular contact you want to have a chat with.This option is absent on an android WhatsApp where contacts appear one after the other, here android is a little behind than iOS but never mind, hope this feature will be soon available in our androids as well.

When it comes to notification iPhones are on a little lower side. iPhones do not show the notification directly on the screen. For e.g. a text is visible in the notification panel in android phones but with iPhone, you have to open your WhatsApp to check the notifications.

In blackberry and windows phones also the changes are hardly visible except some tweaks here and there. So this was all about WhatsApp messenger for all smartphones. All you can say WhatsApp has brought about a revolution not only in the world of phones but also on our lifestyles. So KEEP WHATSAPPING!!!


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