Reliance Jio Summer Surprise – Pay Rs 402 for four months of free benefits

Today, with the announcement that a total of 72 million users have enrolled for the Jio Prime membership program, Jio has also extended the deadline of enrollment for One time prime membership. Initially, Reliance Jio announced that all users who have taken the Jio connection can enroll for one time prime membership till 31st March 2017. Now the Company has extended the deadline for enrollment to another 2 weeks i.e. till 15 April 2017, which means users can enroll for membership program till 15 April 2017. Jio has come with another surprise for users that is “Summer Surprise offer”. Read below to know more about Jio Summer Surprise. 

Jio Summer Surprise

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman said that “Over the past few days, we have been deluged by millions of customers queuing up to purchase Jio’s popular Rs 303 and other tariff plans. This nationwide trend indicates that very many customers are still in the process of purchasing JIO PRIME and their first paid tariff plan.The Jio Summer Surprise is the first of many surprises for JIO PRIME members.”

In Jio Summer Surprise offer, If you recharge with the Rs. 303 plan then you will get additional three months of complimentary free services, which means another four months of free services for just Rs. 402 (Rs. 303+ Rs. 99). The paid tariff plans will be applicable from July 2017. 

The company has also said that “The Jio Summer Surprise is the first of many surprises for JIO PRIME members.” Which means users are going to get more and more benefits, it’s a big big win for Jio Prime Members.

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