Download TubeMate YouTube Downloader Latest Version 2.3.2-694 For All Phones

70% of the time I am browsing, I am on YouTube and most of the times I want to download the video and watch it later. So here is an application for all video buffs like me, who rely on you tube like anything- TUBEMATE (an ultimate video downloader). So let us get into this app and the exciting features it brings along with it.


No matter how many apps Google Play Store has but still lacks YouTube video downloader and ad blockers. Specifically YouTube has been very concerned about its privacy; the absence of YouTube downloader says it all. Users complain about it all the time and hence, a new unofficial app by an Android developer has been introduced called TUBEMATE. Through tube mate you can download videos from YouTube without any discrepancies.

Please note that this article is only for informational purpose and we do not encourage using third party applications to download videos from YouTube.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Click here to Download Tubemate Latest Version 2.3.2-694


Tubemate is not available in Google Play Store. So you will have to download it from the official website of TUBEMATE. The tubemate download is simple and easy but there is going to be one big problem to install it on your phone, since our phone is very averse to the idea of adopting apps from unknown sources other than Play Store. So let us learn how you can install tubemate in your Android phone.

  • From the Homescreen of your phone, click on the menu option and thereby go into settings.
  • After doing this you will see many options like display, sound, my device etc. , click into the security button
  • After doing this you will see many options like encryption, find my Mobile, SIM card lock, device administration etc. Underneath the device administration option you will see device administrator option, unknown sources and verify apps.
  • The option from unknown sources basically means whether or not we should install apps from source other than Play Store. Enable the unknown sources option. And now you can install any third party app without any further halts by dwelling into the APK you downloaded. Tube mate will be installed.
  • You can always get back and disable the unknown source option.


The display of tubemate is no different from you tube’s main site. Just like you tube it shows videos but the difference is that when you go to watch a video it will give you the option to download it. So by using Tubemate you can download your favourite video instantly.


  1. Where to go: We have always been very location specific regarding our data. We hate it when our videos go out of place. As in: phone or memory card. So tubemate gives you an option to locate your video either in internal storage or memory card. This is a great feature.
  1. Choose your resolution: Videos and resolution are so damn synchronous. Everyone hates those blurred, vague online videos. Hence using TUBEMATE you get to choose your resolution. This is one great perk.
  1. Easy access: Nothing can be easier than downloading videos from tubemate I suppose. The interface is just too friendly and download is the easiest possible. Now everyone can download.


Tube mate comes up with one great relief by solving the dilemma of downloading YouTube videos. This is always needed by everyone. Tubemate is a really easily accessible app with additional perks like resolution and saving options. To me the app felt great. This app is soon to captivate all your phones. The only wish I had is if it was on Google Play Store. In all, this is a wonderful app. Thumbs up!


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